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Gebel & Helling Conservation Ltd.

Workshops and Seminars

Julia Gebel & Christian Helling are passionate ambassadors of keeping the ancient skills and techniques of their trade alive by passing on their knowledge through workshops and seminars.
To ensure that historic buildings receive an appropriate treatment during conservation works, it is crucial to understand the original methods of their construction.
Please contact us with your requirements.

Practical workshops & courses

Our practical workshops are designed for groups of individual practitioners, architects, engineers, students and people with a genuine interest in conservation and stone work. As well as companies, communities, local authorities, schools, colleges and training centres who wish to get involved in heritage and conservation.

Current Seminars:

Stone carving



Hot Lime mortar

Masonry and its maintenance

Drystone Walling

Arch & Vault construction

Sod & Cob construction

Lectures, Talks & Demonstrations

We are frequently booked for talks, lectures and demonstrations about stone and conservation-based topics, which are tailored to suit your educational requirements and your event.

Stein & Wein Seminar 2017, Langenlois Austria

5 day seminar hosted by the biggest Gardening & Landscaping College in Austria Drystone Bridge Construction


  • Eddie Farrelly, Ireland
  • Nick Aitkin, Scotland
  • Christian Helling, Ireland

Instructor & Trainer

We support your event and project, such as festivals, Community efforts such as ’Adopt a Monument’ and on-site training.

Christian Helling Stone

Picture: Drystone double vault in construction

Set in Stone 2017, Nano Nagles Centre, Cork City

2 day Stone conservation seminar organised and hosted in cooperation with Cork City Council

Picture: Practical demonstration with guest speaker/instructor: Pat McAfee & Ken Curran.

Christian Helling Stone

For information on upcoming events and seminars, get in contact with Gebel & Helling Conservation Ltd. today.

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