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Conservation Cleaning


Cleaning and maintenance are often the key for the protection of historic structures. Gebel & Helling Conservation Ltd. uses conservation approved cleaning technologies such as the IBIX micro-aero-abrasive system and the ThermaTech superheated water system. Both systems are gentle towards the fabric and do not alter the original surface. They produced excellent results on significant world heritage sites, such as St. Peter’s Basilica (Vatican City), Palazzo Pitti (Florence) and the Louvre (Paris) to name but a few. Often the use of chemical cleaning agents is not required at all or can be reduced to a milder agent.
Various staining, such as mould however needs to be addressed chemically. We work with selected and market leading manufacturers, to ensure only environmentally friendly, top quality products are being used to achieve the best possible result.

Conservation Cleaning

Masonry, Brick, Concrete & flooring

Removal of:



Black Carbonation crusts & residue

Render & Whitewash residue

Algae & organic matter

Chewing gum

Wax, Oil & Bitumen

Surface treatments


Gebel & Helling Conservation Ltd.


Possible applications include Antiques, Vintage vehicles, Marine, domestic and industrial objects.

Rust, paint and coating removal

Aluminium, brass, bronze & stainless-steel polishing


Possible applications include Wooden artefacts, Antiques, windows & doors, flooring.

Grime, paint & coating removal


Gebel & Helling Conservation Ltd.

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