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Gebel & Helling Conservation Ltd.

Welcome to Gebel & Helling Conservation Ltd.

With more than 40 years of combined expertise in traditional stone work, practical stone conservation and project planning, we are confident in providing our clients with the best services in stone and masonry conservation.
All our practical conservation works respect the sensitivity and complexity of historic buildings and objects in stone and are based on the established conservation principles and state of the art conservation practices.
We carry out detailed condition surveys of historic stone and masonry fabric and are experienced in the preparation of comprehensive conservation plans and specifications. We also assist in the supervision and planning of larger conservation projects.
With our team of trained masons and highly skilled architectural stone cutters we can provide the full spectrum of specialised stone works from the planning stages to the conservation, cleaning, reconstruction and maintenance of stone elements and masonry.
Building on a strong relationship with our clients, we work with architects, engineers, conservation officers and archaeologists to achieve the best possible result in all our projects.

How can we help with your next project?

In the Media

An article about a recent project we were involved in:

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